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SPRING 2021 Call

Deadline January 29, 2021

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Winners Spring 2021

And the winners are…

Colin LynchColin Lynch, Junior
Majors: Economics, Finance and Psychology
Mentor: Andrés Marroquín
Project: “Using Synthetic Controls to Estimate the Effect of China’s Post-Maoist Economic Restructuring on GDP per Capita”
Shreeya Singh, Senior
Major: Economics and Political Science
Mentor: Antonio Saravia and Andrés Marroquín
Project: “Social Mobility and Economic Freedom”
Ben Brubaker, Senior
Major: Finance
Mentor: Geoffrey Ngene
Project: “Autocorrelation and Liquidity of African Stock Markets: Evidence from African Stock Markets”

Winners Fall 2020

And the winners are…

Demott headshotKalman Demott, Senior
Majors: Economics and Finance
Mentor: Antonio Saravia
Project: “How Economic Freedom Affects the American Lower Class”
Thomas Perez headshotThomas Perez, Senior
Major: Economics
Minor: Statistics
Mentor: Antonio Saravia
Project: “A Tale of Immigration and Unemployment”
Luke Sadd, Senior
Majors: Economics and Marketing
Minor: Political Science
Mentors: Andrés Marroquin and Antonio Saravia
Project: “Willingness to use Robot Investors in Latin America and the role of Interpersonal Trust”


Winners Spring 2020

And the winners are…

Picture Gopiben PatelGopiben Patel, Senior
Majors: International Affairs and Economics minor
Mentor: Andrés Marroquín
Project: “Gender Equality and Capitalistic Beliefs”
Presenting: APEE 2020 in Las Vegas, NV
Picture Sahan VangalaPicture Natalie CoolidgeSahan Vangala and Natalie Coolidge, Sophomore and Junior
Majors: Natalie International Business and Sahan Neuroscience major and Economics minor
Mentor: Andrés Marroquín
Project: “Beliefs about Robots and Labor Status in Latin America” Presenting: APEE 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, and SOBIE 2020 in Destin, FL
Picture Sachin Khurana
Sachin Khurana, Senior
Majors: Economics, Finance and Management
Mentor: Geoff Ngene
Project: “Time-Varying Connectedness Between Financial and Real Sectors”
Presenting: 2020 Economics Scholars Conference, Federal Reserve of Dallas, Dallas, TX
Picture Kalp PatelKalp Patel, Senior
Major: Finance and Economics
Mentor: Allen Lynch
Project: “The Impact of Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis Data on Viewership Levels: An Analysis of National Football League Data”
Presenting: SOBIE 2020 in Destin, FL




Winners Fall 2019

And the winners are…

Elizabeth Yavnel, Major: Economics, Mentor: Andrés Marroquín, Grant: $1,000, Project: “Do more capitalist individuals want to migrate? Evidence of immigration and ideology from Latinobarometro survey in 18 countries.”
Lino Galdin, Major: International Business, Mentor: Antonio Saravia, Grant: $1,000, Project: “How does the European Union’s economic model affect France’s economic freedom?”
Brycen Higdon, Major: Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Mentor: Antonio Saravia, Grant: $1,000, Project: “The Price of a Polar Bear: Carbon Reduction and Opportunity Costs”