Antonio Saravia

Associate Professor of Economics
Director of the Center for the Study of Economics and Liberty

Dr. Antonio Saravia holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Arizona State University, an M.S. in Economics from Arizona State University, an M.A. in Economics and Social Policies from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Economics from Bolivian Catholic University.

Dr. Saravia has more than twenty years of academic and consulting experience. Prior to joining Mercer University, Dr. Saravia held faculty appointments at Arizona State University, American University of Sharjah and Georgia State University. He has provided consulting services for Deloitte & Touche, Cox Communications and the Dubai Economic Council among other organizations.

Dr. Saravia’s research interests lie in the areas of institutional economics, political economy and the determinants of economic freedom. His work has appeared in highly reputed academic journals such as Constitutional Political Economy, Review of Development Economics, European Societies and the Cato Journal among others. Dr. Saravia’s latest research agenda has to do with the study of social, political and economic attitudes in Latin America as well as with the analysis of socialist indoctrination in school textbooks in the same continent.

Dr. Saravia is also interested in producing children’s literature designed to teach economics. Learn more about his latest picture book “What you can Make with Freedom” co-authored with Clara Mengolini.

Download Dr. Saravia’s latest publication: “Pope Francis on Poverty and Economic Inequality: Good Intentions, Unfortunate Ideas” The Journal of Private Enterprise 34(3) Fall 2019.

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